Guide to Getting Home Safe in Atlanta

Most people only come to a DUI lawyers website after they have gotten arrested for driving under the influence. Whether you have been arrested for a DUI, previously convicted of a DUI, or are intent on avoiding a DUI at all costs, there are lots of resources available to make sure you don't have to drive while impaired.

In the past, it may have seemed a little bit harder to get a ride home after drinking. Taxis can be expensive, they may take forever to show up (if at all), cabs may not be readily available in rural areas or even the suburbs. If you didn't have the money, or a sober ride home, your options may have been limited to finding a place to crash until you were sober enough to drive home.

Now, thanks to technology, getting a safe ride home has been made easier than ever. You may even have more fun when you know you don't have the burden of figuring how much you drank or how you are going to get home. Having a safe ride planned in advance not only allows you to get home safely, and not risk the safety of others on the road, but it can help you avoid a costly DUI.

Atlanta Designated Driver Services

Arranging a designated driver ahead of a planned night out is always recommended. You can designate one of the group to act as the designated driver, and of course it is common courtesy to return the favor the next time. You may be able to arrange for a family member to come pick you up when you are ready to go home. Of course, it may be easier to bribe the designated driver with buying them dinner, or offering to fill up their gas tank.

Thanks to a number of groups and private companies, finding a designated driver may be easier than ever, even if that driver ends up being someone you've never met before. Some groups are offering free designated driver services, where a volunteer driver will show up to drive you and your car home. That way you don't have to worry about going out to pick up your car the next day.

Other companies offer a similar service for a fee. Often, the cost is similar to the cost of a taxi, but you have the benefit of having your own car driven home with you. Before you worry about the cost, even if a sober ride service costs you $40 to get home, a DUI conviction can cost you thousands, and leave you with a permanent criminal record. A conviction involves over $1,000 in fines and fees, costs for DUI school and alcohol counseling, and years of higher insurance premiums that can really add up. Even if your charges are later dropped, paying to get your license reinstated after a DUI arrest could cost you over $200.

A statewide program known as Sober Rides Georgia was developed with the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety. They offer a list of free ride services and other driver services which can transport you and your car home. There is an app available on iTunes or Google Play to help you find a way home after having too much to drink.

Other companies and groups offer similar programs. Contact them through their websites or phone numbers to see if they are available in your area, how to schedule a ride home, if there is a fee involved, and what hours they are active.

SafeRide America

Phone: 1-404-888-0887

Be My DD

Phone: 1-877-823-6933


Phone: 1-877-823-6933

Metro AMERICA Safe Drivers

Phone: 1-770-507-3332

DD Connection

Phone: 1-888-674-3372

Designated Driver Alternative

Phone: 1-404-713-1780

Taxi Cabs and Limousines

Another traditional way of getting home after one too many drinks is calling a taxicab. There are a number of taxis driving around all over downtown Atlanta waiting to pick up passengers. You can call a taxi for a pick up from your house, and many bars or restaurants will be happy to call you a taxi. Taxi companies are also getting more advanced, and have apps to request a ride.

If you are planning a special occasion, it may be fun to hire a limo to take you out to a couple of restaurants and bars. Many of us are used to riding in a limo for prom and for a wedding, but it can be a roomier step up from a taxi or town car, especially for groups. A night out with friends enjoying a drink in the back of a limo can be a fun way to start the evening.

Lyft and Uber

Some of the biggest changes in passenger services have come with the arrival of the popular ridesharing applications, such as Uber and Lyft. This has opened up suburban areas, and rural areas to less expensive transportation options, and has greatly increased the availability of catching a ride across metro Atlanta. These companies have even made the bold claims that they are in-part responsible for a reduction in DUIs in some markets.

One thing these ride-sharing apps have done is increased the options for transportation. A simple tap of the app will call up your driver, tell you their estimated time of arrival, and they can drop you off at home, all without ever having to take out your wallet. This mode of transportation is becoming increasingly popular with young drivers who want to go out, without the worry that they may have a little too much to drink.

*This list of resources has been compiled to help you find safe driving alternatives. These resources are for reference only, and is not an endorsement for any of the specific services or companies. Be sure to contact the services directly for up-to-date information because some information, their availability and their costs may have changed.

Stay Where You Play

Another overlooked option to finding a ride home can be to just plan ahead and stay the night. If you are going out in downtown, or near another entertainment district, you can book a hotel for the night. Although this may be pricier than a taxi ride home, you won't have to wait for your ride to arrive or sit through a long ride home. It may also give you a chance to check out a new part of the city.

Ask for Your Atlanta DUI Lawyer

With all these options for a sober ride home, there is still one more number you should have on hand. If something happened and you end up driving home after drinking, you may get pulled over by the police. Even if you are under the legal limit, they may arrest you on suspicion of a DUI. When you have questions about what to do next, call your Atlanta DUI lawyer as soon as you can. You may want to act fast to make sure you can get an independent chemical test, as provided by Georgia law. You will also want to make sure you request an ALS hearing so your license doesn't get suspended. You only have 10 days after a DUI arrest to request this hearing.

If you or a loved one were pulled over for driving under the influence in Atlanta, your DUI lawyer can make sure you get the fair treatment you deserve. The police may try and intimidate you and make you feel like you are a criminal, but they don't decide who is guilty. As an experienced Atlanta DUI lawyer, I will make sure you don't have to face a DUI charge all by yourself. Call me today, so I can fight the criminal charges against you, to make sure you are treated fairly by the courts.