After a minor traffic violation, like speeding, or failing to obey a traffic control device, you will probably be hoping the Georgia State Patrol or Atlanta Police officer will let you go with a warning. Unfortunately, most of the time they will issue you a ticket for the traffic violation. However, in some cases, a minor traffic violation can result in a suspended driver's license. It may not be that single traffic violation that got your license suspended, but points can add up, and the Department of Driver Services keeps track of all your traffic violations, even violations that took place out of state.

Traffic Violation Points System

The Georgia DDS issues points in a number of ways, based on a variety of traffic violations. For some violations, such as speeding less than 15 MPH over the limit, no points are accumulated. However, for many other violations, the points value ranges from 1 point up to 6 points. For example:

1 Point Violations: violation of child safety restraint; talking on the phone or texting while driving; or 4th offense of violation of driving in the HOV lane.

2 Point Violations: speeding 15 to 18 MPH over the speed limit; open container violation; and 2nd offense of violation of child safety restraint.

3 Point Violations: failure to obey an officer; failure to obey a traffic signal; and speeding 19 to 23 MPH over the speed limit.

4 Point Violations: reckless driving; improper passing on a hill or curve; or speeding 24 to 33 MPH over the speed limit.

6 Point Violations: aggressive driving; unlawful passing a school bus; and speeding more than 34 MPH over the speed limit.

Points are added up over time, and once they total a certain amount, your license can get suspended. For most adult drivers, once they get 15 points over a 24-month period, their license will be suspended. For driver's under 21, certain violations can result in an automatic suspension. For driver's under the age of 18, it only takes 4 points total in violations before their license will be suspended.

Up to 7 of the points on your driver's record can be reduced. Licensed Georgia drivers may request DDS to reduce the number of points against them by successfully completing a defensive driving course, or Driver Improvement course, and presenting the certificate to DDS. A list of certified driver improvement courses can be found here.

Points and license suspension will not only affect whether or not you can drive, but can even raise the premium of your auto insurance. As your points go up, so may your insurance costs. It may be a good idea to see how many points are on your record, or to check for any mistakes. The only way for you to find out how many points are on your DDS record is to request a copy of your driving record from DDS.

DUI and License Defense in Atlanta

Minor traffic violations and major traffic violations can result in a suspended Georgia driver's license. For DUI violations, your license will be automatically suspended for one-year, unless you request an administrative hearing within 10 days. It is important to have an experienced Atlanta DUI lawyer on your side, to defend your license to drive, and any criminal charges. Call me anytime, and I will make sure you are treated fairly by the courts and the state, and keep your record clean and keep your license to drive.