After getting convicted for driving under the influence in Georgia, in addition to a suspended license, possible jail time, fines and community service, you will have to complete a DUI Alcohol or Drug Risk Reduction Program. The program is also required for people with convictions for possession of illegal drugs, underage possession of alcohol, and boating under the influence.

DUI School in Georgia

DUI school consists of two components, the assessment and intervention components. After completion of both components, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion. Only a certificate of completion from a state approved program will satisfy the Department of Driver Services (DDS) requirements for a driver to get their driver's license back after a DUI.

DDS has specific requirements in order to certify a DUI school and risk reduction program. There are no online DUI schools or Risk Reduction Programs approved by the State of Georgia, and will not be accepted for DDS. There are many approved DUI schools across the state. A list of DDS approved DUI Risk Reduction Programs can be found on their website.

DDS has approved the NEEDS Assessment Component for use in the DUI program. This includes a 130 question screening assessment, to examine an individual's lifestyle choices and personal habits about alcohol, drugs and driving. The assessment costs $100, and can be completed at an approved DUI school. After the assessment is completed, then the individual can move on to the intervention component.

DDS has approved the Prime for Life Intervention Component as the second part of the DUI Risk Reduction Program. The intervention component cost $235, with an additional materials and books fee of $20. This is a 20 hour course which takes place in a group environment. It involves multiple sessions over multiple days, and intended to provide some education in a therapeutic way, and involve peer group counseling to talk about alcohol and drug use, and how drugs and alcohol can affect driving.

To successfully complete the intervention program, you must arrive on time, and participate in the discussions and activities. You cannot miss a class, and any absences must be documented and bona fide emergencies, approved by the program's director. You are not allowed to arrive late, or leave early, and may have to restart the program from the beginning and pay the fee all over again.

Atlanta DUI Defense Lawyer

If you are arrested for a DUI in Atlanta or Northern Georgia, you will face a number of possible penalties, including jail time, fines and fees, a suspended driver's license, community service, and completion of DUI school. In many cases, all these penalties can be avoided completely by seeking out a qualified and experienced Atlanta defense lawyer who dedicates their practice to defending people charged with driving under the influence. I understand what a DUI can mean for you and your family, and will help to guide you through the administrative and criminal proceedings, to make sure you get fair treatment. Make sure this one-time mistake doesn't end with a criminal record. Call my office anytime, 24/7.