Some people have a life-long dream of becoming a police officer, or joining the Georgia State Patrol. They keep out of trouble, stay on the right side of the law, and may even be getting a college degree in criminal justice. Then one simple mistake can mean getting pulled over after having one too many drinks, and land them in jail with a drunk driving arrest. Unfortunately for some, this may mean their dream job will be out of reach.

Police Officers Who Get a DUI

For those who have already joined the ranks of law enforcement, getting a DUI may actually be worse than a DUI for someone who hasn't had the training and education surrounding drunk driving than an officer has. Although in many cases, the penalties they face from their employer may be worse than for most civilian drivers.

Police officers are only human, and just like anyone else, they may find themselves under arrest for driving under the influence. While it may have been a wider occurrence in the past, police pulled over by other cops may not be as likely to let their fellow officer's off the hook if they are suspected of driving while intoxicated. This may be due in part to the increase in the oversight of other officers by dash-cams and other recording devices. Letting a fellow cop drive home drunk may result in serious consequences for the officer who let them off.

The penalties facing a cop who is arrested for a DUI will really depend on the specific facts of the case. Some incidents are more serious than others, and could result in suspension, revocation, or even permanent termination. This could involve drinking while on duty, a DUI involving serious injury, or multiple DUI offenses.

For most law enforcement officers, a simple DUI while off-duty will not result in them getting fired, but they will likely face disciplinary action. The officer may be placed on administrative leave, with or without pay, while the department conducts an investigation. Penalties may include suspension during which time the officer agrees to an alcohol or substance abuse evaluation or rehabilitation.

DUI Consequences to a Future Police Career

Unfortunately, for the people who have dreamed of become police officers, even a simple DUI may mean that will have a tough time pursuing their career in law enforcement. The reason for this is that although a simple DUI may not bar entry to a law enforcement job, it will surely be noticed by the hiring officials. DUIs, just like any misdemeanor history, or prior disciplinary record, will be treated as a factor in comparing otherwise qualified candidates. If one of two equally standing applicants has a DUI, while the other does not, the applicant with the clean record will most likely get preference.

The more serious the offense, the harder it will be for a prospective candidate. If the applicant has more than one alcohol violation or DUI, if the DUI involved injury or death, if drugs were involved, or if it happened relatively recently, this can all have a greater impact on the effects of a DUI. A felony DUI will probably prevent any future in law enforcement.

Georgia DUI Defense for Police

A DUI may mean more to a police officer or someone who wants to be a cop in the future. Because a police officer is a position involving public safety and public trust, a DUI can bring a negative view on the entire police force. If you or a loved one have been charged with driving under the influence, please call me as soon as you can. Time to fight the charges may be limited, so call now so we can make sure you are treated fairly, and your rights are defended.