Getting arrested for DUI is something no one ever wants to face. Losing driving privileges, even for a short amount of time, can have serious consequences for not only the person experiencing the arrest, but also their family members and loved ones. In a city like Atlanta, the ability to drive directly translates to the ability get to work each day, to pick the kids up from daycare, to get to classes and accomplish many important everyday tasks.

If your husband or wife has been arrested for DUI, there could be implications on your life as well. If he or she loses a driver's license, the ability to chip in and complete everyday tasks could be greatly hindered. In addition, the consequences a DUI arrest and conviction can have on a person's employment and/or education could have a significant impact on an average family.

Also, there are serious emotional consequences that often accompany a DUI arrest. The stress of worrying about the possible economic toll this event could have on your family can be overwhelming. Please remember that while no one wishes to be in this position, thousands of families have grappled with this issue and have gone on to put it behind them.

A DUI can often be the result of a one-time error in judgment. However, there are times when a person is arrested for DUI (or multiple DUIs) because of an addiction to alcohol or drugs. If someone you love is struggling with dependency, there are many local resources for individual and family counseling as well as a large variety of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) operates a free treatment referral telephone service which can be reached by calling 1 (800) 622-HELP (4357). In addition to treatment services and groups for those struggling with dependence, there are many local groups designed for the family members who are supporting a loved one on the road to sobriety.

There are many difficult consequences someone arrested for DUI can face, such as the loss of a driver's license and the implications this can have on work, school and/or child care. However, you do not need to face these challenges alone. I have worked with hundreds of local families who have been in a similar situation. First, it is very important to remember that just because your husband or wife has been arrested for driving under the influence, it does not mean that they will be convicted. There are many requirements that must be met during even the most routine of DUI stops. A failure on the part of law enforcement to adhere to any one of these requirements can mean be ammunition in a legal defense strategy.

Please contact me and I can work with you not only to develop the legal strategy we will use, but also discuss things such as methods of alternative transportation and paying fines on a payment plan to mitigate the effects a DUI arrest will have on the day-to-day functioning of you and your family.