Uber and Lyft are great ride-sharing apps that make getting around the Atlanta area a breeze. With these services, a passenger only has to pull out their phone, open the app, and call a driver. The app will show how long the wait will be, and even show the location of the driver as they approach, tell you the kind of car, and include a picture of the driver. All this without having to call a cab, or deal with the hassle of cash, tipping, or broken credit card machines.

Drivers who have signed up with these companies like the flexible hours, where they can work whenever they want or whenever they have free time. For most Uber or Lyft drivers, the job is only a part time gig where they can make some extra pocket money. However, in order to get approved as one of these rideshare drivers, anyone applying will have to pass a background check to make sure they don't have a recent DUI.

Rideshare Driving After a DUI

Both Lyft and Uber are present and active in the Atlanta Metro Region. They are both growing in popularity locally, as well as nationally and across the world. As competition between these companies increases, each is pushing to expand their customer base, seeking more passengers as well as drivers. Certain incidents in a driver's history may prevent them from passing the driver screening. In checking the driver's both companies do some background check, including criminal as well as motor vehicle record review.

Uber Driver Background Check

According to Uber, their comprehensive background check is often more rigorous than that required to be a taxi driver. It is also consistent across the U.S., where local livery requirements vary by state and region. As part of this background check, Uber claims to screen drivers according to county, state, federal and multi-state records. They also check to see if the individual appears on the National Sex Offender Registry. As part of their continued driver screening, they also check a person's Social Security Trace and motor vehicle records.

These background checks look back 7 years. So if a potential driver has had a DUI or some drug related driving violation in the last 7 years, they won't be approved as a driver. If you've been arrested for a DUI, but have not had your criminal proceeding yet, there is still time to keep the conviction off your record. You don't have to plead guilty. Contact a DUI defense lawyer who understands the law, and will make sure you get the fair treatment you deserve.

Lyft Driver Background Check

Just like with Uber driver background checks, Lyft network drivers need to pass a background screening process. This also looks back 7 years, to make sure a driver has no history of violent crimes, sexual offenses, theft, property damage, felonies, or drug-related offenses.

In addition, Lyft will check a driver's motor vehicle records to make sure the driver has auto insurance, no more than three moving violations in the past 3 years, no major violations in the past 3 years (including driving on a suspended license or reckless driving) and no DUIs or other drug related violations in the past 7 years. Lyft claims to have a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol for their drivers.

Atlanta DUI Defense for Uber and Lyft

If you or a loved one have been arrested for a DUI in Atlanta, you could use a someone who understands the process to guide you through the administrative and criminal proceedings, to make sure you get fair treatment. Make sure this one-time mistake doesn't stop you from getting a job in the future, including as an Uber or Lyft driver. Call my office anytime, 24/7.