What Will Happen to Your Driver's License After Your Third DUI?

After a third DUI, you may know what to expect, but you probably don't know where you should turn for help. Even though other people may have judged you if they learned of your first or second DUI, with a third DUI, family and friends may start to treat you differently. The stigma of multiple DUIs can make it hard to find the support you need to make it through these tough times.

I understand what a third DUI can mean for your job, your family, and your future. I've represented many clients charged with a third, or even fourth DUI. It is important to know that you have someone who will fight for you, to make sure that your third DUI arrest does not have to end in your third DUI conviction. As an experienced Atlanta DUI lawyer, I know how the police and prosecutors work, to try and get defendants to plead guilty. You have rights, and you have choices. I will fight for you, to make sure you get fair treatment, and get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Third DUI Driver's License Revocation

It is important for you to understand what is at risk with a third Georgia DUI. It was a lot to get your driver's license suspended for 18 months after your second DUI. But for the 3rd DUI, it gets even worse. Instead of simply being suspended, you driver's license will be revoked. On top of that, you'll have to turn over all the license plates for your cars. That means no driving privileges at all.

With your first DUI, it was readily possible to get a limited use permit, for limited driving to and from work, school, and for the Georgia Risk Reduction program (DUI school). For a second DUI, you had to wait 120 days before requesting a limited permit, which had to be approved by the court. For the 3rd DUI, the restrictions are even harsher.

After a third DUI in five years, you become what's known as a “habitual violator.” As a habitual violator, your license will be revoked for 5 years. Unlike your first or second DUI, you won't be able to get a ignition interlock permit after a few months. There will be no driving at all for two full years. Only after waiting two years can you try and get a limited use permit. Any limited driving permit will be at the discretion of the court, and they may decide not to issue you one based on your driving history. Even with a limited driving permit, you will have to drive with an ignition interlock device, and further be limited by where and when you can drive.

Lawyer in Atlanta Defending Third DUI

If you or a loved one has been arrested a third time, charged with driving under the influence in Georgia, don't risk 5 years of driving restrictions. Not being able to drive anywhere for at least two years can be a risk to your job. Call me today, and I will make sure you are treated fairly by the courts and the state. We will work to stop your license from being revoked, and fight any DUI charges against you.