What Will Happen to You and Your Family After Your Fourth Atlanta DUI?

A conviction for a 4th DUI is even worse than the 3rd DUI. This is because a 4th DUI within a ten year period is a felony charge. The prior DUIs were only misdemeanors. One difference between a felony and misdemeanor are that misdemeanors usually have a maximum of one year imprisonment, where a felony DUI can result in a 5-year prison sentence. Felonies also have longer lasting effects, that could last the rest of your life. A felony conviction will also affect your right to vote, ability to run for elected office, serve on a jury, apply for jobs, and can prevent you from ever owning a firearm.

Of any DUIs, after a fourth DUI, you need to make sure the arrest does not lead to a conviction. The penalties associated with a fourth DUI are so much more serious and long-lasting than misdemeanor charges, so it is important to fight your DUI charges. I understand what a fourth DUI can mean to your job and your income, your family life, and how it can affect the rest of your life. I have years of experience successfully representing people charged with multiple DUIs, to make sure they get the fair treatment they deserve.

Fourth DUI Driver Penalties and Consequences

There will be lot of things are at risk with a fourth DUI in the state of Georgia. The worst part is that you'll have to spend time behind bars. The sentence for a felony DUI could be from 1 year up to 5 years in state prison. Depending on how the judge treats your case, all but 90 days could be suspended, but that still means a minimum of almost 3 months in jail. Fines could add up to $5,000. You'll also have to spend 60 full days doing community service.

Like a 3rd DUI, you'll have to complete DUI school, known as the DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program. In addition, you'll have to submit to a clinical evaluation to determine if you need to complete a substance abuse treatment program.

After a 4th DUI, your license to drive will not just be suspended, it will be revoked. You will also have to turn over all your vehicle tags to the state. This won't only affect you and your ability to drive, but if you share a vehicle with family members, it will impact their ability to drive as well. It may be possible to get a special license plate, so that family members can drive your car, but you still won't be able to drive.

Your license will be revoked for 5 years, with no driving at all for two years. After the two year waiting period, you can try and get a limited use permit, but the judge gets to decide if you should get one or not. If you do get a limited permit, you'll have to drive with an alcohol breath machine installed on the car, and you'll be limited to driving to school, work, or alcohol abuse meetings.

Lawyer in Atlanta Defending Fourth DUIs

If you or a loved one has been arrested for the 4th time and charged with driving under the influence in Atlanta, don't risk a felony record. Facing mandatory jail time and not being able to drive anywhere for at least two years can risk your job, your future, and your family life. Remember, the law says that you are innocent until proven guilty. The police may make you feel guilty as soon as they pull you over, but it is the court who decides if you are guilty of any crime, which is why you need a lawyer who has built their practice on DUI defense. Call me anytime, day or night, so we can get to work on your case, and have the charges against you dismissed or reduced.