Being placed under arrest for DUI is often the first time many people have ever been arrested, or possibly even ever interacted with law enforcement. The process of being pulled over (whether ultimately arrested or not) for DUI suspicion in Atlanta can range from uncomfortable to downright frightening. This section will give you a good overview of DUI stops (individual vehicle stops as well as mass checkpoints), how best to interact with the police, the rights you have, the rules you must abide by, and the rules the officers who stop you must abide by.  In addition, I've discussed in detail several common tests you could encounter if stopped for DUI suspicion in Atlanta, including a variety of chemical tests and field sobriety tests. This section contains information which may be useful both for drivers who have been arrested for driving under the influence (such as the procedures the police are mandated to follow) and those who have not (such as the rights you have to refuse certain tests at the scene of a future stop). For those charged with DUI, what happened during the course of your arrest is crucial. If proper protocols were not followed, there is a much greater chance of avoiding conviction. If you are facing drunk driving charges, please call me so that we can go over exactly what happened when you were arrested, so we may identify any potential elements that could be important for your case.